Version 3.23

Update date:  19 March 2015


Added St.Dragon Medallion


How to obtain:

Player’s Honor increase to 450000 will obtain a new title, St. Dragon and the medallion can be exchange from PVP Medal Shop.


Rules and Description
1. Once player honor level reach St. Dragon rank, it can be exchanged for St. Dragon in PVP Medal Shop.

2. Each Player can only exchange 1 St. Dragon Medallion. The medallion cannot be sold.

3. The medallion can use Medal to enhance. When enhancing the medallion, it will gain EXP. Once the medallion EXP full, player may upgrade the medallion to next level. Upgrading Medallion will consumes Medal and Empire Batons.

4. St. Dragon Medallion maximum rank are 10

5. St. Dragon Medallion need certain amount of Medal to renew the expired date. Normal renew consume 300 Medal to increase 1 day. Adv Renew consume 3000 Medal to increase 15 days


Stat Bonuses

1. The higher rank of St. Dragon Medallion will gives greater stat bonuses.

2. Once the Medallion expired, all stat bonusese will disappear, but the rank and Medallion experience will still remain unchange. Player may consume Medal to extend the expired date and recover the stat bonuses.


Added St.Dragon Medallion

Added New Troops [Dark Knight] and [Dark Angel]



DivoSaga Team