“Angel of Liberty” Card


Angel of Liberty has invited you to start a journey in DivoSaga! Come and be the greatest Lord now!



Voucher 88

Crystal 888

TP 8888

Gold 88888

HP Potion Lvl. 1 x8

EXP Scroll x8

Skull Key x8

Sunstone Lvl. 4 x8

Stamina Potion Lvl. 3 x8


How to grab it?

Just follow closely on our event crews schedule, catch them on their next event location and grab the “Angel of Liberty” from them for FREE!


But bear in mind, the “Angel of Liberty” is a limited edition, so grab it before it’s too late!


How to activate it?

Enter the code shown on the back of “Angel of Liberty” and activate it in “Activity” to acquire your reward.